Christmas Wonderland

Josiah Walehwa

A masterful new spin on the classic feel of Christmas.

Josiahs 2nd EP release is one that shoots the standard of Christmas music forward. A "Christmas Wonderland" takes you on the familiar classic sleigh bell ride through the joys of Christmas, while not forgetting the few occasional twists and turns along the way. Josiah captures the christmas spirit as he adds his own flawless additions into this timeless EP, grafting himself into the traditional merriment that is Christmas. Grabbing a running start, Josiah begins the EP with his take of 2 classic christmas carols, rounds the corner with a beautiful rendition of the cover song "Love from a Star", and brings it all home with his heart melting christmas original "Cold". The journey is short but leaves a lasting impression that everyone will want to return to year after year. The moment you hit play you will be thrown into the holiday season with a musical story that is unforgettable. He has set the bar high for himself and only plans to continue to raise it. So cuddle up next to the fire with a loved one and make sure you don't miss this christmas EP.

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    Cold 3:46